Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween...or "dress-up day" as Madelyn still calls it!  We had a fun day on Friday.  Madelyn dressed up in all orange Friday morning for preschool then we came home for naps, got up and went to the mall to trick or treat.  Madelyn chose to be "Doc McStuffins" from the Disney Channel show and Theo was her sidekick "Stuffy".  We met our friends Aaron, Hailey and Lucas at the mall.  Madelyn and Theo loved being with them and really got into trick or treating this year!  After getting as much candy as their bags could hold, we hit up Blazing Onion and sat down for some dinner.  We then went to see Tee and trick or treat from her.  The kiddos love their Tee time.  After that, we came home, hit up a couple houses on our street then went to bed.  The kids loved it...and we're not opposed to them dressing up and getting candy...sounds like a good deal to us!

The Doc is in :)


Anonymous said...

Love my Doc McStuffins and Stuffy. So glad they came to see Tee. I stole several hugs and kisses. De-lish.

Rae Ann said...

We love Stuffy and Doc!!!! Love those two.... Sending big hugs to them :) Gigi and Pops