Thought I'd do a quick update and post a couple pictures of the kids over the past couple weeks.  They are playing together a little better these days.  I tell you what though, my little 3 1/2 year old is keeping me on my toes.  I've recently heard it's called the "trying two's" and "terrible three's". She's my strong willed child and wants things her way.  Can't imagine where she gets that from :)  I typically just give her space when she has her "tantrums" and let her work through them.  Talking to her when it happens does not help because she's not listening anyway.  We had one in the car coming home from Awana and Choir last night.  She wanted something and we had already told her no and weren't about to change our minds.  Once you do that, they know you'll cave!  Anyway, ended up with some screaming in the car.  She eventually calmed down and collected herself.  We take home Isabel on Wednesday nights...poor girl...I'm sure her ears were ringing when she got home.  Madelyn apologized to her before getting out of the car.  However, when she's had enough sleep and is content, she is the sweetest girl I know.  She's soaking up everything.  Learning songs, writing letters and "sight reading", spelling her name and has such an imagination.  Love my goosie girl.

Bubba boy is pretty easy going most of the time.  He's EVERYWHERE which is physically exhausting, but hey, now I don't have to exercise as much :)  When I tell him "no" to something, he normally just shrugs his shoulders and finds something else to do.  Some days he has little tantrums, but it's normally when he either needs to go down for nap or bedtime.  He's talking up a storm and repeats everything.  Love him to pieces.

playing hide and seek

where's Theo??

eating dinner after trick-or-treating

watching a movie with daddy

playgroup last Sunday night...baby Kaitlyn was a hit


Indie Grace said...

Love these kiddos. Can't wait to see them tonight and kiss on their cheeks.

Rae Ann said...

Love those sweet kiddos bunches!!!! Miss them lots!!! Hugs and kisses from Gigi :)