Fall activities


Last week Madelyn started ballet back up again and this morning she started preschool!  Cannot believe she's old enough to start school.  She's been so excited and talking about her friend Leyla being in her class as well as our next door neighbor, Landon.  It's only 2 days a week, but that's plenty for now :)  I'd miss her too much.

We got up early this morning to get her ready and have a photo shoot.  When we dropped her off, she walked in the classroom without looking back.  She is such a social girl and loves to learn.  While sis was in school, Theo and I ran to the grocery store.  It sure is different having one kid with me at the store!  He was loving his one on one time.  When we picked Madelyn up, her teacher told me "she's good with her words".  Ha, that she is, my chatty girl!  Madelyn told bub and I all about how she played with play dough, met some new friends, blew bubbles outside, had snack and made a fruit loop necklace.  Love my girly.

We start MOPS next week.  Should be fun!

Here are some pictures from last week and this week :)

Bubba chillin before his haircut

Playing before his asthma appt.


Theo watching sis dance

Madelyn's dental cleaning...she was so good!

Preschool :)

Theo wanted in on the action!

Madelyn and Landon

Leyla and Madelyn


Rae Ann said...

Oh my little Princess!!!! You are really growing up! Already going to preschool :) Bubba ....I know you had a good time with Mommy! You both are the cutest kids ever!! We love you both .....Gigi and Pops

Indie Grace said...

Aww...and sporting the Doc McStuffins hairdo, too! What a girl. Love you MJ. And Bubba - you are the most handsome dude around. Tee loves you.