Chelan and 4th of July


Sorry, I know it's been awhile since an update!  Tim and I were out of town then busy gearing up for VBS that's happening this week.  It's been going well and Madelyn LOVES being in the preschool class and getting her own shirt.  She's amazed that everyone else is wearing the same shirt she's wearing.  Oh the joy of 3 year olds :)
A couple weeks ago, Tim and I went over to stay in our friends condo at Lake Chelan while my mom watched the kids.  It was very nice and relaxing.  We pretty much sat by the pool and read the whole time.  I LOVE being in the sun and sitting by the pool, ocean or lake so I can occasionally stick my feet in or swim a couple laps.

We got back on the 4th and headed to our friends house in Edmonds for their annual party.  It was nice out for about an hour, then started raining.  We had a fun time, but ended up heading home before it got dark.  We live in an area where it's legal to shoot off fireworks so it was extremely loud the whole night. Theo eventually went to sleep, but we're still not sure what time Madelyn went down.  We ended up opening her blinds so she could see the fireworks over the trees.

This week at VBS I'm teaching and Tim's in charge of the missions.  It's been a lot of fun.  I'm at work today, but excited about the carnival tonight!

You all can also be praying for our little Theo boy.  He's been in and out of the doctor/ER for the past several months for his asthma.  Yesterday we took him to an asthma specialist.  He's being put on a controller medicine so that hopefully when he does get colds and his system flair up, it'll be controllable and not explode like it has been doing.  We're just taking it step by step.  The doctor thinks he'll grow out of it since Tim or I neither one have asthma.  Love this little boy so much.  And he is SO good at the doctor.

And here are some recent pictures of the kiddos.  It's been hot here...around 80's and 90's.  Yes, I know that's not hot to you all in the south!  But here, hardly anyone has A/C in their house so it gets really hot inside.  We do because we built our house and chose to put it in :)  Lots of people think we're crazy for doing so, but when it gets hot, you don't hear us complaining...just enjoying the nice, warm summer.  And I like consistent temps in the house...AND we have allergies so keeping the windows open doesn't work so well.  We also pulled our swimming pool out and Madelyn loves getting in the water.  Definitely my child :)  

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