Picture & Life Update


Hey ya'll.  It's been awhile since I've had a picture "dump" of the kids and pooches.  We've had a busy month.  Tim was traveling the first 2 weeks of June.  He got home last Friday.  It was soo good to see him!  The kids and I missed him a lot.  For those of you whose husbands or wives are gone for weeks at a time, hats off to you.  It was hard for me to sleep at night.  A friend of mine told me to read Psalm 46 and 91.  It helped a lot.  Thanks to all those who came over and watched the kids while I worked or needed some time out of the house, and for those who volunteered.  I appreciate each of you.

While Tim was gone, I had the privilege to lead worship for our church.  I absolutely loved doing it.  Normally we're gone at the same time so I'm not able to.  Thanks to the band for being patient with me and listening extremely well to my instruction :).  You all did a fantastic job!

My parents are in town right now hanging out with us.  We're enjoying their company and of course FREE babysitting!  We see lots of movies while they're in town.

Madelyn is doing well these days.  Extremely active and talks a mile a minute.  Has a strong opinion on pretty much everything.  Still loves watching "Daniel Tiger" and singing all the songs from the show.  Loves Grandma Izzy's mac and cheese.  I think she eats about 4 helpings every time Izzy and Tom come over.  LOVES having Theo in her Sunday School class.  She is very protective of him and I'm sure will always be.

Theo is still a spunky little boy.  We had to take him to the ER last weekend right when Tim got home from his trip.  He was having breathing problems again.  We were using his inhaler, but he wasn't improving so we had to take him in.  He was stabilized and came home around 2am on Saturday morning.   His favorite things right now are legos, cars, singing the abc's, climbing on everything in sight and BALLS.  He still doesn't talk much, but we can tell his wheels are turning and he's thinking about it.  He knows everything we say and sometimes...especially during dinner when he doesn't want what's on his plate...tries to make us think he doesn't understand us.  We know you understand us, little buddy, better eat those veggies :)

Now on to pictures...

Playing at the mall

Theo's doctor appt.


driving to Ms. Myra's...and yes, in their pj's

coloring daddy and Mr. Clint a welcome home sign

at the ER :(

Father's Day nap

About to get a haircut!

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