Trip to Bud and Nan's


This past weekend, my little family went down to Salem (south of Portland) to see our friends, Bud and Nan.  They recently moved there.  We were able to see their brand new house, see their new church and have a relaxing visit with them.

With the kids we made lots of stops on the way down.  But our first stop was to Sonic.  You know me and Sonic.  I love it!

In one of the above pictures, you see Madelyn with "Roberto".  This was her new friend at Bud and Nan's house :).  She loved saying "Hola Roberto" and "Adios Roberto".  And of course, giving him lots of hugs.

We also went to a yummy Mexican food place in Salem.  So good.  The kids LOVED being goofy and silly with Mr. Bud and Mrs. Nan.  And they enjoyed all the attention and play time!

We decided to take Hwy 101 home so we could have a nice, scenic route.  Again, lots of stops for the potty, snacks, stretch breaks and gas.  Oh and of course to see the Tilamook Cheese Factory.  It was free and they give you samples.  Can't beat that.  

As you can see, both kids were able to take naps on the drive.  At separate times..of course.  At least they were quiet when the other one napped.  Madelyn wanted all her necessary items when napping...pig (piglet), buns (bunny), her "present" from Mrs. Nan, and her new friend "Tillie" from the cheese factory.  Bubby just needed his doggie and thumb (not pictured in this's a miracle!)

The Pacific Ocean was beautiful.  Madelyn was sleeping when we were driving by, but I was able to jump out and snap a couple pictures.  I love that Oregon has sandy beaches.  Rocky beaches around where we live just aren't the same.

We made it home safe and sound and are enjoying a couple more days of Tim's vacation.

Thanks again, Bud and Nan, for letting us visit!


The Hunter Family said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Washington does have sandy beaches at the ocean, just not on the Sound. :)


Megan said...

Good to know, Suzanne! I don't remember seeing them when we drove along the Washington coast several years ago. Guess we'll have to do another road trip to check them out :)

Cindi said...

Thanks for the pictures. It is always good to see such wonderful smiles on my folks faces, and I see the kids did the trick (as I am sure you two did as well). Glad you enjoyed your trip!!