Theodore: 20 Months


 Theodore Joseph,

-As of this morning you weighed 23.5lbs

-You are developing quite the little personality.  You still LOVE  hugs and cuddles.  You can be a little whinny if whoever is watching you needs to do something instead of cuddle you all day long.  You're starting to understand you need to play by yourself if sissy is off doing something else.  You'll learn to love your alone time in the future!

-You've been healthy this month.  PTL!  Cutting several teeth-all your incisors and your 2 yr molars are coming in.

-Still love to do everything your sister does. 

-We went on a road trip a couple weeks ago.  You got a little ancy in the car, but eventually ended up falling asleep or "singing" loudly to all of us.

-Starting to understand that if you don't eat the food we give you at meal time, you won't get anything else.  You have to try a little bit of everything in order to get more of what you really like!

-Slowly becoming better with strangers.  

-You love to ride in the grocery cart.  Looking at everything and sitting next to your sis in the car carts...even if she does knock you upside the head every once and awhile.

-Still gabbering all the time.  You love to hear yourself talk. 

-Your favorite food is still bananas.  You also enjoy ritz crackers, cheese, veggie straws, pizza, mac and cheese and peaches.  Still only drinking water and milk.

-Napping in the afternoon typically between 1-3:30pm.  Going down at night around 7pm, sometimes earlier and waking up around 8:15am. 

-You still enjoying making huge messes, but you'll gladly clean them up.  Thanks kiddo for obeying.

-Continue to wear size 18 month clothes along with some 2T and size 5 diaper.  Size 5 and 6 shoe.

-You enjoy taking baths with sis and splashing everywhere.  You dislike having your nails trimmed.  Mommy is getting strong from holding you down to do this!

-Still a big thumb sucker and are pretty attached to your doggie when you sleep.

We love you precious baby boy!

-Mommy and Daddy


Indie Grace said...

Love you Baby Boy. Thanks for all the cuddles and kisses. I hope you are still a thumb-sucker when you are 40.

Rae Ann said...

Precious 20 month old!! We love you SO much!! You're growing up way too fast for Gigi and Pops!!