"Dress Up Day"


Happy "Dress Up Day"!!  That's what Madelyn decided to call Halloween.  Works for us!  Madelyn loved getting dressed up as a ballerina princess and Theo tolerated being cookie monster (recognize the costume, Suzanne? :)

We headed to the mall last night to trick-or-treat.  The stores handed out candy and we ate dinner while we were there.  When we got home, we took them down our street to hit up some houses.  

Madelyn enjoyed every bit of it.  We put her tap shoes on at first, but she kept slipping on the slick floors at the mall.  So we just stuck with wearing her boots.  She was more impressed with the stickers some of the stores handed out than the candy.  She put them on herself...and Theo. 

Cookie monster walked around for a little bit, but then got tired and just sat down in the middle of the mall.  Oh, how I love my little boy. 

Ballerina girl and Cookie Monster



Indie Grace said...

I missed seeing my babies this year. Hopefully next year, "Dress Up Day" doesn't fall on a long night school day. They are the cutest ballerina and cookie monster EVER!

Rae Ann said...

Love it! Tim--- in a year or so you'll have to fight them for their candy!!! Pretty sweet pictures...ballerinas look cute even with boots on! Gigi and Pops

The Hunter Family said...

Such cuties!