Theodore: 17 Months


Theo Jo,
You are 17 Months.  Almost 1 1/2!!  But let's not think about that :)  We want to keep you a baby forever, little boy.

-A couple weeks ago, while mommy and daddy were out of the country, you had to go to urgent care.  Gigi was concerned with your breathing. She and Grandpa Tom took you to urgent care in Bellevue to see what was wrong.  You ended up with croup.  You're recovering well and hardly have a cough/congestion anymore.

-You are still in 18 month clothes.  Some 12 month pants.  Now in size 5 diapers.

-You're slowly getting better about putting things down gently when asked instead of throwing everything in sight.  You're our little baseball player.  Maybe a future Mariner? :)

-Still going down at night around 7pm and waking up about 8am.  Taking a morning nap when we're home in the morning between 10am-11am and afternoon nap between 1pm-3:30pm. 

-You are loving pizza these days.  Bananas also continue to be a favorite.  You're getting better about not throwing food on the floor.  You're starting to put it in your cup holder like sissy when you don't want something.

-You now have 10 teeth (including 2 molars) and several more popping through! 
-You love to be held and put your thumb in your mouth and hold us close.  We love this so much. 

-Continue to walk everywhere and climb on everything in sight.

-You're starting to sit down and "read" books.  We hope you have this love like your sister.

-You love, love, LOVE your sissy.  You mimic her every move and want to do everything she does.  You will hand her toys and graciously take something if she gives it to you.  

We love you so much Theo boy!
-Mommy and Daddy


Rae Ann said...

We love you little Theo! Our first grandson! We loved taking care of you and Madelyn while Mommy and Daddy were out of town. Yes, you gave Gigi a scare when you were sick! But it's all better now! Pops loves building up a block tower for you and watching you knock it down! How calls you 'all boy'! Happy 17 months our little Theo! We love your smile! Gigi loves your cuddles!

Indie Grace said...

Love our little thumb-sucking, blankie-toting guy.