Girly nails, big green ball, baby nephew and little boy sickness


Last weekend, MJ and I had a girly morning painting nails and watching "Tangled" (well, about 45 min of it....maybe I'll see how it ends someday) while Tim was at practice and Theo was napping.

Letting her red nails dry

This weekend has been quite eventful!

Madelyn's getting in 2 of her bottom back molars. So she's been acting just peachy! Ha! And potty training on top of that has been Actually, she's doing pretty well. Love that girl.

Baby boy hasn't been feeling too great these past couple weeks. Mainly just a runny nose. So we thought he was teething. On Thursday, I came home from work and he had some yucky gunk in his eyes. I had a feeling it was more than just teething. We thought we'd give it a day and see how he was. I left for work Friday before anyone else was awake. Tim called saying Theo's eyes looked better, he didn't have a fever and was playing like normal. Being his happy self. So he came on to school to give his class midterms while Izzy watched the kids. We had another babysitter scheduled to come over that night so we could head out to see a movie. We saw the new movie "42". Really good!
Saturday morning Theo's eye yuckiness was back, but not as bad as Thursday. I had a haircut appt right after lunch so I took MJ to target to grab a few groceries in the morning before I headed out. We had Theo take his morning nap and decided I'd take him to the walk-in after my appt. We were the only ones in the clinic, thankfully! The doctor said he had a double ear infection and pink eye! Today I've stayed home from church and small group to take care of baby boy. He's slept most of day from the meds. But when he's awake, he's playing and having a good ole time. Such a little trooper.

Poor kiddo

Her special treat from Target

Also on Saturday morning, my brand new baby nephew was born, Garrett Allen! He is such a cutie and my brother and sis-in-law are in love with him. Garrett and Crystal, his momma, are both healthy and doing great!

Garrett Allen and Greg Allen

Gigi holding her new grandson

Here's to praying and hoping for a calm week....and that little girl won't get the eye yuckiness.

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Anonymous said...

What a weekend you all have had!!!! I'm so glad Theo is doing better :) Poor little boy, he's such a trooper! I love my little girl's nails...just the beginning Madelyn.

Love you,