Easter 2013


Happy Easter!

This year we had a first for Madelyn-Easter egg hunting! It's beautiful up here in the Northwest so we went out yesterday before nap time and hid some eggs for her. She had fun and little brother hung out and watched. He was content sitting in the grass and playing with a couple plastic eggs.

This morning, Tim got to church early (as is his normal Sunday routine). This means I have to get the kids ready and out the door in time to teach during 1st service. I aim to leave 15 minutes before I really need to so that hopefully I'll leave on time. I wait til the last min to throw Theo's clothes and my clothes on to avoid spit up on the outfits. MJ's doing a great job potty training, but it means she has to use the potty before we leave. Then inevitably little boy likes to make a stinky right before we leave. Seriously, when we're walking out the door. Every Sunday it seems like.

Starting off my Sundays running around like a crazy mom doesn't always put me in the best mood on my way to church. I'm already tired and I haven't even taught my 1st and 2nd graders yet! But then I sit in the car driving to church and turn on the radio. There's always a song that comes on that speaks to me. This morning it was Casting Crowns "Glorious Day". Perfect song to hear this morning. I was reminded of how my God sacrificed His life for me, but then 3 days later on Easter Day, He rose again. I'm sure He was waaaay more tired and weary than I was this morning when He was hanging on that cross. Suffering for me.

Then sitting in service I heard a song by the choir "Love is Alive". Once again reminding me what Easter is all about and why we celebrate this day. Jesus is alive and hopefully living inside of each one of us.

After church, we met some friends for lunch, came home and now the babies are asleep.

Sundays are always long for us because we normally go back for small group in the evenings. But these long days are well worth it.

I tried snapping a few pics of the kids before church. We took a family pic right after church. It turned out...ok :).

Off to hunt eggs!

Yes, that's drool down the front of his shirt

Easter morning

Best one of all 4!


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Rae Ann said...

Such happy babies!!!! Wonderful parents!!!!! Thank you for raising them in a Christian home :) Love you all, Gigi