Yesterday, Tim and I went with some students from the school where we both teach up to Snoqualmie Summit to ski! It only takes about an hour and a half to get there...not too far away. We had about 30 students and 4 chaperones (including us) go along.

I've been skiing once(5 days worth) back in highschool with my youth group, but this was Tim's first time. I remember really enjoying it so I had really been looking forward to going.

We both went to ski school. Since I hadn't been in awhile, thought I would go to remember everything. It came back pretty quick and Tim caught on ok :) his only problem was....stopping.

After lunch, we went on the easiest run to see how we'd do. We got on the lift just fine, but about halfway up there Tim asked..."so, how do we get off this thing?" Needless to say, he got off just fine, but ended up putting his pole down in the middle of my ski's while getting off. Tim said he remembers looking back when he got off and I was laying on the ground. The lady helping with the lift moved me over so no one being us would trip over me. No worries, I was fine :)

We started going down the run and I turn around to see Tim take a dive in the snow and his ski's and poles up in the air. He got up, put them back on and kept going. So I continued on knowing he was alright. I turned around a little later and couldn't see him. I looked to the run next to us and there he was! The runs are right next to each other. He looked like a pro skier....poles up in the air and bending down to make him go fast! I watched a little longer and BAM...on the ground again. I couldn't help but laugh. I went over there, and he was ok. We were almost to the bottom of that run so we finished it off.

When we got off the run, it was about time to gather the kids and leave. We grabbed some coffee and hot chocolate, loaded the vans and headed back.

It was a fun day with new experiences. The students had fun too.

This afternoon, we're taking it easy while the kids nap, then off to a church skate night. Pictures and another post of Madelyn's first time skating to come!

*Tim did say he'd go skiing again :) yay!

*And a BIG thanks to Laura for watching the kids 

The run Tim ended up on

Tim's ski's after his last crash

Excited about going down!

A view from the top of the run

About time to load up and head home!

Students around the fire


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Rae Ann said...

Well Tim...You at least had the 'look' of a skier!!! I'm glad you had fun and tried it. No broken bones:) next time will be even better!!!
Cute pictures!!!