Madelyn's First Time Skating


Last night was Madelyn's first time skating!  She did such a good job and LOVED it!!  When we first walked in, she freaked out a little bit after seeing everybody on skates, but eventually calmed down and was ready to put hers on.  I put my roller blades on and MJ's skates and we were off!  She skated for about 30 min. on the carpet and then on the rink.  We took a break to eat some dinner and get some water, then she was ready for more.  We did the same thing-on the carpet for a bit, then off to the rink.

So proud of my baby girl.  Maybe we'll have to purchase her some new skates soon :)

Wait, what am I about to do?

Lacing up the skates!

Almost ready to "roll"; Theo hanging out with Julia

Practicing on the carpet

Skating on the rink!!

Dinner break-pizza and a fruit snack!

Feeding time for Theo as well

So excited about skating!


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Rae Ann said...

My oh my what a big girl !!!!! Love you, Gigi