Christmas 2012


We had a fun Christmas this year.  Madelyn still doesn't really understand it, but sure enjoyed ripping presents open!  Tim and our friend, Chuck, helped lead the Christmas Eve service at our church.  Theo was having some stomach issues (I think because of teething) so I stayed home with the kids.  Our service doesn't start until 7pm, the kids bedtime, so it was probably better I stayed home anyway.  I think it's the first year I haven't attended a Christmas Eve service.  Do what you gotta do I guess.

We didn't get up on Christmas morning until about 8.  We know this won't last long, so we're enjoying it while we can!  Ate some breakfast-eggs and cheesy bacon pull apart biscuits (thank you Pinterest!), read the Christmas story out of Luke, then opened some gifts.  The kids received "The Lion King" from my brother and sister in law.  Guess who ended up watching it all morning..Tim and me!  We forgot how good it was.  Madelyn was busy playing with all her new (very loud) toys and Theo took a nap.  

Eventually we got dressed and ready to head to Tom and Izzy's.  Their whole family was there along with another couple from church.  We ate dinner, dessert, sang "Happy Birthday to Jesus!", and did a gift exchange.  Fun times!  Theo took his evening nap while we were there and Madelyn loved playing with all the other kids...and eating!  She did really well.

Merry Christmas to all!


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