Madelyn: 21 Months


Oh little girl, how we love you!

You are developing quite a little personality.  So cute and sassy.  Sometimes getting you in some trouble!

-Wearing size 18 month and 2T clothes.  Finishing off your size 4 diaper box; moving to size 5 soon.

-10 teeth still.  We'll get you into the dentist in the next couple months.

-You got your first haircut from Miss Julia!  You did such a good job.  Almost everyone in the salon came in there to watch you.  Mommy had to hold your head still because you were getting distracted.  Your hair is adorable.  Cute little bob like mommy's.

-You are scared of the hair dryer, vacuum and the trash/recycle man.  You freak out every time you see or hear these things.  The trash man comes Monday during your nap.  Great timing! :/

-Now a one nap kiddo!  Gives us lots of playtime in the morning.  Napping anywhere from 2-4 hours in the afternoon.  Depends on how much playing you do in the morning.  Your typical nap is from 1-3:30pm.

-You LOVE your little brother.  You'll help us get him ready to go, read him books, give him toys, give kisses and hugs, take his thumb out of his mouth, etc.

-You like tricking the doggies.  Especially Daisy.

-Doing better with your fork and spoon.  You are starting to "not so secretly" give the doggies food.  Guess you think we don't feed them.  We're teaching you to put whatever food you don't want in a little pile on your tray.  You'll get there.

-Still enjoy playgroup and playing with the "big kids".

-No new words, but you understand everything we say.  We'll say something and you'll point to or walk to whatever we say.  So smart.

-Pretty good at playing by yourself.  Once you get tired and want to do something else you clean up all your toys and sign "please" for us to play with you.

-You love playing on our electronics.  You typically play on www.starfall.come (or our app on the iphone/ipad)

-You've started giving eskimo kisses.  We'll say "eskimo" and you'll put your nose to ours.

-You go to bed around 7pm.  Every once and awhile you'll wake up about an hour into sleep screaming.  We're guessing it's a bad dream.  We'll go in there and lay you down and you'll fall back asleep.  You wake up around 8am.

-Gigi came in for a visit and loved seeing you.  You weren't walking last time she was here.  So you definitely kept her moving!

Building a tower with legos

Right after your new haircut...very proud!

Sitting on mommy and daddy's bed playing a game

"before" pictures of your haircut

Running around!

Playing with bubba and daddy

Trying the Santa hat on Theo!

21 big!

Love you so much sweet pea!
-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

We LOVE those Eskimo kisses!!! Especially from our little Madelyn...Gigi and Pops