Trick or Treat


This year for Halloween Tim and I took the kids over to their Auntie Heather's and then to the mall to trick or treat.  Madelyn's still a little too small to understand any of it, but she sure loved holding her bucket!  Madelyn was a cupcake and Theo a duck.  We went to Heather's house first so Madelyn could walk up to the door and hold out her bucket.  I think that was her favorite part of the night!

Then we took the kids to the mall to eat dinner and walk around.  By the time we got there, ate dinner and headed out to the stores, most of the candy was gone.  Which was fine because she didn't really care about the candy and was getting kind of tired anyway.  Madelyn is such a people watcher.  She would eye everyone who would come close to us.  Hardly touched her food.  Which says a lot for baby girl.  Theo just sat very chill the whole night.  His typical self.  By the time we got home, there weren't anymore trick or treaters coming around our house.  So we have LOTS of candy to eat!

We also dressed up the dogs when we got home.  Daisy does not move when you put something on her.  She stood still for about 20 min. once we put her costume on.  Sadie runs around thinking she can get it off and then once she realizes it's not budging, she lays down to sleep.  Funny puppies.

Getting brother all buckled in so we can leave

Waiting by the door

At Auntie Heather's door (picture courtesy of Heather)

Checking out the loot she just received

Little cupcake

Trying to get into the candy.  She couldn't quite figure it out.

Theo's face is hilarious

My 3 loves

Please put that thing away!

Relaxed little ducky

My cupcake and ducky

Mom and baby boy

Ready to head home

Pocahontas Daisy (both doggies are getting haircuts tomorrow)

She stood here for awhile!

Poor little Pumpkin Sadie


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Anonymous said...

So fun to watch Madelyn walk up to my door holding her bucket. I'm blessed to be their Auntie.I love our little Cupcake and Duck.