Madelyn: 20 Months


Sweet Madelyn,

You have had a fun and busy month!

-Still in size 18 month and 2T clothes.  Also still in size 4 diaper; about to move up to size 5.

-You now have about 10 teeth!  They just keep popping through.  Almost all of your 2 yr back molars are poking through.  The last one is working it's way in!

-We've been trying to drop your morning nap, but you are still pretty grouchy in the morning without it.  We just take it day by day!  Your afternoon naps are still pretty good.  Normally about 2 hours.  You go to bed around 7pm and wake up between 7:30am-8am.

-You still walk everywhere!  We love to watch you and your new found freedom.

-Still eating pretty good and trying to use the spoon and fork by yourself.  Still pretty messy, but you have a good time.

-You love playing with your friends and hanging out in the nursery at church.  You take looong naps on Sunday afternoons because you are so worn out!

-Still babbling a lot to yourself.  Saying "mama" and "dada" very clearly.  When one of us leaves the room, you say our name hoping we come back soon!  You're still reading a lot to yourself and love when we read to you.

-You love on your brother all the time.  Giving him kisses and hugs.  He loves seeing you too!

love your water!

tried to keep you awake on the way home from church with snacks, didn't quite work

a cookie from the bakery at the store!

fun with daddy


silly face

practicing "trick or treating" with your buckets

Giving dolly a hug

sweet smile

soo big!

cleaning up

cleaning up some more

helping mommy with bubs

giving bubba kisses

holding hands

playing with the camera!  careful kid!

bubba sitting in your new bean bag

A few pictures courtesy of your Auntie H...

Happy 20 months!  We love you so much!
-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

Oh my goodness ! She is such a sweetie!!!!!!!! We would like to hug her and give her kisses :) Gigi and Pops