Mimi and Papa's Visit


After my parents left, Tim's parents came up to visit.  They were here for about a week and a half.  Again, they were a great help and we enjoyed having them both here.  Here are some pictures of our time with them...

At church together

Papa, Theo, Mimi, Sades and MJ

Papa and Theo

Mimi, Theo and Daisy

Our first 3D Movie...Spiderman! Thanks to both sets of parents for letting us go out!!  

4th of July!!  (Thanks for the outfits Aunt B!)


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Anonymous said...


Excellent updates! The pictures are adorable. Sorry I was not able to say "hi" to Tim's parents.

Glad you got out a lot and saw your first 3D picture. We'll have to try Spiderman!

Again, thanks for the updates. Your kids are so precious! :)