Gigi and Pops Visit


My mom and dad came up to visit after Theo was born.  My mom was here for about 5 weeks and my dad almost 2 weeks.  They were a great help and we enjoyed having them.  Here is our time spent in pictures...

Madelyn's First Ice Cream Cone!

Hanging out with Pops

Sliding with Pops

Walking with Gigi

Gigi and Theo

Pops, Theo and Me

Gigi, Theo, Pops, MJ

Thanks again for visiting!



Rae Ann said...

Loved every minute there!!! Brandy, loved you being there too!! I won't forget our 'park trip' :) Pops and I have the cutest grandchildren ever!!!! We are blessed!

Anonymous said...

Rae Ann, it was good to see you and be able to spend some time you and "your kids".

You've raised a great girl, there.

Hope to spend more time with you on your next trip!