Zoo Date


Today, Tim and I took Madelyn on her first trip to the zoo!  We left Theo at home with my mom and headed out after MJ's morning nap.  We grabbed some food on the way and ate part of it in the car (we were all getting hungry) and then some at the zoo.  There were a lot of school kids there on field trips so it was pretty busy, but we still had fun.  We didn't get through much of the zoo since Madelyn takes another nap around 2.  I think she had fun looking at all the animals...and seeing a bunch of kids.  She LOVES waving at other kids and smiling at them.  Most of the time they don't wave/smile back, but that doesn't bother her.  Her favorite animal was the penguins.  She would stand against the glass and they would come up right next to her.  She laughed and smiled.  Very cute.

My superstar at the zoo (sorry about the shadow!)

Smiling at another little girl

By the sleeping gorilla

Giving the gorilla hugs

Let's give him a pet

So Big!


yogurt break



About to leave

Time for a nap

Good thing we got an annual pass so we can go through more of the zoo!


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violabrandy said...

Looks like someone needs clothes with a penguin on them. Glad you had fun.