Brandy's Visit


My friend, Brandy, came up to visit last weekend.  It was so much fun to have her around.  Before Tim and I moved up to Seattle, Brandy and I had coffee every Saturday at Panera.  We've both missed it a lot.  So of course, her first day here, we went to Panera.  Since we had Theo with us, we went to our new drive thru Panera...which as I've mentioned before, I love.  Our church is looking for a new student director so I was in and out during the weekend meeting up with he, his wife and some of the church staff.  I'm glad Brandy understood this and helped my mom take take care of the kids while Tim and I were gone.  She made us yummy pizza Friday night and helped me to just chill out and stay off my feet.  I can always think of something else to do around the house, but she encouraged me to sit down and watch one of my favorite movies, Anne of Green Gables (the whole series!), while she and my mom took care of everything. So, that's what we did Saturday.  Sunday morning was our first time at church with Theo.  Then Brandy and I spent the afternoon at Panera sans kiddos, after that I headed to church and they went to the park to swing.  It was sad to see her go on Monday.  I'm hoping we can meet up soon.

And now for pictures...

Brandy and Theo

Me, Brandy, Theo

MJ at the park

Cleaning out Aunt B's purse

All the kiddos


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violabrandy said...

Glad I could come out and meet your newest addition. It was a fun 6 days. Next time we go to panera everyday. Give the kids kisses.