36 Weeks


I'm 36 weeks today/9 months! Very excited to meet this little dude very shortly!

The past month of my pregnancy has gone well.  Still pretty tired, but other than that, feeling okay.  I only get up a couple times at night to use the bathroom so I've been sleeping well.  Exercising several times a week to keep my energy up.  I'll stay at work up until Theo's born.  Both my jobs are pretty low stress so this helps quite a bit! 

The doctor said everything's looking good.  I'm measuring a little small like I did with MJ, but she said that's probably just normal for me.  Theo's heartbeat is nice and strong and he's moving all the time! 

Still craving fruits, veggies and dark chocolate.  Tomorrow is the day to do some last minute things around the house, get a haircut, pack a hospital bag and prep for a baby shower I'm helping throw on Sunday.  Should be good, but busy.  Next weekend is relaxing time (well Friday and Saturday)-movie with the hubs, mani/pedi, doggies haircut and anything else that needs to be done.  We have a couple babysitters volunteering next weekend...so that will help out a lot!  We have a "Worship Ministries Night" next Sunday night.  So Tim's been pretty busy with that!

Now for some pics...

36 Weeks

AND a bonus picture of Madelyn...


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looking good sweetie!!!!