Madelyn: 13 Months


Madelyn Joy, you are 13 months old today!

Growing and developing so much.  You have the CUTEST personality.  So cheerful and loving.  We love your little laugh and the way you are so inquisitive of everything.  Especially your furry sissies (and their dog food!).

You don't understand yet that you will have a little brother, but we're sure once he's here you'll wonder what and who he is.  We know you will love him.

-You moved up to size 4 diapers a couple weeks ago.  Mommy calls you "saggy pants" because they're still a little bit big, but much better than size 3.

-You're wearing mostly size 12 clothes, but some 18 month pajamas.  You are one long kid and we don't like your PJ's being tight on you.  You are between a size 2 and 3 shoe.

-Not an official walker yet, but still quite the crawler.  You love to play chase!  It's getting harder for mommy to get on the floor and play, but daddy is very able!  He loves to chase you and give you kisses!

-You like to stand up and play your piano.  When you get tired you look behind you and attempt to sit down.  Typically you don't hit anything, but occasionally you have.  But you just brush it off and keep going.

-Still eating like a champ.  3 meals a day and a snack in the afternoon.  And guzzling water from your sippy.  Sorry kid, still not giving you juice.  You like water just fine, so we'll stick with that!  And you get PLENTY of fruit from your meals.  Right now you're into grapes, blueberries and bananas.  You like us to peel the banana and take your own bites.  You'll eat most veggies we give you and mommy's good at hiding veggies like spinach in your food.  I think you've realized that if you don't eat what's on your plate, you won't get a second option.

-Still drinking about 4 oz. of whole milk 4 times a day.  

-You went to the doctor about a week after your birthday and weighed 20.8 lbs and about 27 inches.  You had several shots, but handled them well (not without a little crying though).

-You still sleep extremely well!  At least an hour nap in the morning sometime between 9:30am and 11am.  Then about an hour and 1/2 to 2 hours in the afternoon.  Normally around 1:30pm-3:30pm.  You go to sleep between 6:30pm-7pm at night and wake up around 7:30am.  We are blessed by a great sleeper!  We tried keeping you up a little later, but you weren't taking it.  Ever since dropping that evening nap, you've been going to bed early.

-We just got a video monitor for your room.  When you wake up, you like playing with your animals "piglet" and "bunny".  You'll play quietly until someone comes in and gets you.  You then get VERY excited and crawl around.  But get upset when we get you out because you want to play some more.  Once you realize you're getting milk and food, you're good.

-It's been nice outside recently so we've gone on lots of walks.  You love the wind blowing in your face.  You sick your tongue out and try to catch it.

-You're also into waving at everyone.  Especially the doggies when we go downstairs in the morning...and people on TV.  Crazy kid.

-Still only saying "mama" and "dada".  You try to say "hi", but it normally comes out as a little squeal.

-Also still signing "more" and "all done".  We rarely see "all done" because you typically want MORE food. 

-You're so good at playing in your playpen or your room by yourself so mommy and daddy can get things done or take a break.  We think your little imagination is developing because you jabber on and on to your toys.  It's so much fun to listen to!

-Your brother will be here in about a month.  You'll be a big sis! =) 

In your big girl chair


At your 12 month appt.

In your dress from Michelle and Rico!

Crawling in your Easter dress

Waving at Auntie Heather while she was babysitting

Crawling after the doggies

After a walk, crawling in the driveway

 Trying on daddy's hat

Kissies from Daddy

13 Months!

We Love You!
-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

Happy 13 months sweet baby girl!!! Love you, Gigi and Pops