Madelyn's first week


Well we survived our first week at home with Madelyn!!  It's been such a joy getting to know our little girl.  We are so in love with her! 

Yesterday our friend, Tina, brought our doggies back home.  It was nice to have a week to adjust to life with a baby without the dogs, but I sure did miss them.  Thank you so much John and Tina for watching our furry babies!!  The "meeting" between Madelyn and the dogs went better than Tim and I expected.  Sadie's already protective of her and Daisy really didn't care....she just wanted to sleep, like usual.  No worries...Tina snapped some pictures of all the girls meeting =)

Excited to see their new sis

Momma, MJ and Sades

Daddy, MJ and Sades

MJ and Sades playing the starring game

As you can see, Sadie wants to be by Madelyn's side all the time.  It's pretty cute.


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