So if you haven't already heard, Tim and I are expecting our first child on March 30th, 2011.  We are super pumped about it!  Right now, I'm almost 15 weeks.  The first trimester I felt bad pretty much everyday.  Not throwing up, but continually nauseous.  The second trimester has been much better so far.  As long as I eat snacks all day, I'm usually fine.  Tim's been great with everything!  He goes to the store for me whenever I have "cravings" and has been a great help around the house...with cleaning and the dogs.  My cravings have been fruit so far...well...and McDonald's french fries.  But I craved those even before I got pregnant!  Here's a shot of the belly..just pooching out a little so far...but enough that my pants are getting a little tight!

14 1/2 Weeks


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