September Wrap Up


The month of September flew by! The kids started back to soccer.  Tim is coaching Theo's team and our good friends are coaching Madelyn's.  They're both doing great and love it.  Even though some of the games are early on Saturdays, I love watching them and the joy they find in the game. 

Madelyn made chorus at school and has started practicing.  We are so proud of her and that she had the guts to tryout.  It's hard sometimes when you know there's a chance you won't make it. Love this kid and the choices she's making. 

Preschool started back up for me and subbing has picked up so I'm working pretty much every day.  We're worn out at the end of the day, but starting to figure out a good routine. 

Before school one day

We celebrated Daisy's 10th birthday.  This dog is nuts absolutely CRAZY, but she's so sweet with the kids that it makes me love her. 

The kids got her a new bed for her bday.  She needed a haircut!

and we got her a cookie cake because...why not?

Dentist appointments

I asked Tim to bring down some tubs full of clothes.  We get home to this in the garage.  Love that man.

My Panera dates

Checkers champion

Theo collected a lot of tokens from church and got to pie his teacher in the face.

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