First Day of School - 1st & 3rd Grade


I cannot believe my babies are in the 1st and 3rd grades.  As Madelyn says often...Mom, we've gotta grow up.  Yes, I guess you do, kiddo.  Love these two so incredibly much.  They just love school and I'm praying this continues throughout the years.  Praying for a fantastic year for these two and for God's light to shine through each of them.

Tim and I went out after morning drop off

Our church does something called "Pop Up Sunday" when the kids move up to a new grade.  They had these cute back drops and signs this year.

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Anonymous said...

1st and 3rd grade!!! No way! I guess putting a 'book on their heads' didn't work! Yes, Madelyn you all do have to grow up:) Love you! Gigi and Pops