Beach Trip


Beach time!  Gigi and Pops came and picked up the kids and I in Knoxville then we headed down to Florida.  It was a fun week of relaxation and sun!  We sure missed Tim though.  He had to stay home and work this summer.  Very thankful for facetime!

Napping on the way

Popsicle time!

Pool & Beach time

more fun!

Blue Angels

Theo's favorite thing at the beach was crab hunting.  He loved it!  MJ and I weren't as crazy about it, but we went along once for the experience.

A fun week!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! What fun we did have!!! YES, we did miss Tim!!! Hopefully, he can make the next trip:) Crabbing was definitely a hit with Theo. We did have a big laugh our first night out with Madelyn and Megan!!! Love, Gigi, and Pops