First Day of School


Both kids were so excited about school starting back up this August.  We had such a fun summer, but these two sure do love learning and socializing.

Madelyn started about a week before Theo.  In Kindergarten, the kids have staggered days the first two weeks to get them acclimated to the routine of school.  Madelyn was so excited to know a couple kids in her class before the first day.  Especially one of her really good friends!

Theo was beyond thrilled to start Kindergarten.  I've loved my time with him the past couple years with just the two of us while sis was at school, but he was so ready to start school full time.

Reading "The Night Before Kindergarten"

 ready to roll!

After school snack

Theo was most excited about riding the bus home from school!

Tim snapped this picture one morning at drop-off

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