Birthday Party


When we asked the kids where they wanted their birthday party's this year, they both said the same place.  So we decided to combine it and have it in April this year.  They both invited a few friends and a couple special adults to join them.  Both felt very special and loved and were so excited to celebrate each other! 

Ready to jump and play!

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Definitely should have taken cake pictures BEFORE playing, but it is what it is.  Still cuties.  They have been on a Dr. Suess, Cat and the Hat kick so Mrs. Betty made them another cute cake.

Cake & Snacks

Family pic - both kids have their faces stuffed with cake

Opening gifts

Lilah wrote her the sweetest card.  They're in the same class this year and have such a special friendship.  


Rae Ann said...

Love those kids more than words can express!! Looks like you both had a wonderful time:) Gigi and Pops

mackyton said...
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