MJ's missing some teeth!


The day after I got home from Missouri, Madelyn lost her first tooth!  It started getting wiggly right before I headed out of town, but I asked her to please wait to lose it until I got back.  And she did!  I packed a peanut butter and nutella sandwich for her that day {10/3} in her lunch and when she took her first bite, her tooth fell out.  She went to the nurses office and they gave her a cute tooth necklace to put it in and take home.

She lost her second tooth at her fall party at school {10/27}.  Theo and I weren't feeling too great so we stayed home, but Tim went up there to help.  They played the game where a doughnut is hanging from a string and they have to put hands behind their back and try to get it with their mouth.  Before the game started, Madelyn said maybe she shouldn't play because her tooth might fall out.  But she decided to anyway.  Needless to say, her tooth fell out on the first bite!

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