4th of July


We had a fun 4th of July this year!  Started off the morning with breakfast together then headed to the $1 movie at Regal to see "Sing".  A new favorite of ours.  We own it, but enjoyed seeing it on the big screen again with some popcorn.

Came home to take a short rest then head to a friends house for a worship ministry BBQ and swim.  Ended up raining most of the time we were there, but no lightning, so those in the pool were able to stay in.  Had some good dinner, s'mores and sparklers!  It was the kids first time doing sparklers.  Madelyn especially enjoyed it.  Theo liked it from a distance.  Thank you Fugate's for having us over!

We came home and our neighbors were outside so we joined them for awhile.  We also watched fireworks all around our house.  Fun time!

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