Easter 2017


I know Easter was last week, but better late than never, right?

Happy Easter!  We had a great Easter weekend celebrating Christ's resurrection.  Started off with our Maundy Thursday service remembering Christ's death on the cross.  That morning, I went to Madelyn's school to eat lunch with her.  As I was about to leave, her teacher caught me.  She told me Madelyn has been telling all her classmates about Easter and why we should celebrate.  That she goes into detail about Him dying on the cross for us and raising from the dead 3 days later.  If any of the kids ever bring up Easter or anything having to do with Christianity or church, then Madelyn's teacher directs the kid to Madelyn and she talks to the student.  Her teacher can't say anything about it in school, but my girl sure can and it makes Tim and me so proud.

Friday, Madelyn and I went with our friends Nova and Abbie to get our nails done.  She wanted to use some of her birthday money to get pampered.  I'm okay with that!

Saturday morning, we had a choir rehearsal then sang at a nursing home close to the church.  The kids were able to come with us to the nursing home then they had lunch for friends and family along with an egg hunt.  A fun day!

Sunday, Tim headed out before dawn for the sunrise service, then the kids and I headed out about an hour later for the other services.  After church we went to our friends house for lunch and another egg hunt.


Anonymous said...

So proud of all of you!!! Great pictures!! Love you all, Gigi

Bobby C said...

Thanks foor this blog post