First Snow


About a month ago, we had our first snow of the year!  It wasn't really "build a snowman" type snow, but good enough to sled and make snow angels.  It was freeeezing cold though so the kids didn't stay out too long.  I was planning to go out and sled with them, but the moment I stepped outside...oh my was freezing.  Decided to make them hot chocolate for when they came back in (which was about 10 minutes later).  We're hoping to get some more before winter is over..especially since we have 10 built in snow days and have only used 1! 


The Hunter Family said...

Wow, 10 built in days! We have 0 built in days; they all go at the end of the year and we have 1 so far this year.
I think of you all often!

Indie Grace said...

Ten!?! We don't even have that many up here in the Arctic! Wow. Looks like the kiddos had fun. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow. I drove home in a blizzard today. Love u all.