Fall Break Trip - Part 1 - Washington DC


Finally a blog update.  You're welcome Tee!  I have a few life update posts to come, but for now, I'll give y'all a summary of our fall break trip.  Both kids had last week off for a short break from school.  We decided awhile back to use this time to visit Tim's sisters in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland.

It took us about 9 hrs to get there.  The kids did pretty well in the car.  Thanks to the DVD player, leap pad, coloring, car games and snacks.

Ready to roll!
 Cracker Barrel for lunch

We got there and Amy welcomed us with pot roast for dinner!  We got some sleep that night, woke up and headed downtown.  Our first full day we visited two of the Smithsonian Museums - National Air & Space and Natural History Museum.  The kids did better than expected.  Since they're pretty young to see many historical sights, we wanted to find a couple they might actually enjoy.  They loved seeing all the planes, spaceships and ships at the National Air & Space.  The History museum had dinosaurs, all sorts of skeletons, mammals, etc.  Both are very impressive and FREE admission!

Waiting for the metro

Natural History Museum

Big dino!

After seeing the museums, we had lunch from one of the many food trucks downtown.  Tim said his philly cheesesteak sandwich was his favorite part of the day.  Then we headed over to see the White House.  It was hard to get close since it's gated, but we were able to snap a pic in front.  When the kids are a little older, we'll hopefully take a tour.

Saw the Washington Monument on our way 

We walked around a little more then wrapped up the day taking the metro back to Amy's place for a yummy taco dinner.  Thankful we were able to have some home cooked meals and not eat out the whole trip.  Thanks Amy and Val!

someone was worn out

just two siblings playing a super nintendo game

The next morning, we slept in a little then headed back downtown to see the rest of the monuments.  We packed the double stroller knowing we would walk the National Mall.
 Vietnam Memorial
 Lincoln Memorial

Franklin Roosevelt Memorial

 Jefferson Memorial

Smithsonian Castle

US Capital

That night we were able to meet one of my best friends and maid of honor in our wedding, Katy, and her family for dinner.  So good to see her face.  It's been 5 years since we've seen each other...way too long.

It was kids night at the diner where we met...that's why Charli has a tiger face

I'll post the rest of our trip tomorrow.

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Indie Grace said...

Whoa! Way too fun. I love all the pictures. Thanks, friend! I've been waiting for an update. Love you guys...