Mother/Daughter Retreat


A couple weekends ago, Madelyn and I went to the mother/daughter retreat at Camp Gilead.  We had a lot of fun.  She got to spend time with friends and mom :), ride a horse, paint nails, eat good food (and I didn't have to cook it!) and sing fun songs.  It stayed dry all weekend which made it all the more fun!  MJ had some trouble going to sleep - she's used to being in her room and putting herself to sleep by herself.  Very different with lots of girls and momma's together in a cabin!  She eventually fell asleep...around midnight!  Such a fun time spending quality time with my girl.


Came home to roses, chocolate and a clean house!

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Indie Grace said...

Love the pic of the two of you together. I think I'll have to print and frame it.
Miss you guys.