First Days of Preschool


Yesterday was MJ's first day of Pre-K and today was Theo's first day of Preschool.  They both LOVED it!  Madelyn has been excited for the first day since her last day was over in June.  We weren't sure how Theo would do.  He has seen MJ go in and out of class last year and knew the routine.  This morning he was first to go in his class and didn't look back!  So proud of my little dude.  He made a fruit loop necklace, colored, played with cars, had snack and lots of fun!  He goes back tomorrow and said he's excited.  MJ started back at dance last week, fall lessons for Tim and I started this week, Theo starts back up at soccer on Tuesday and MOPS starts next week as well.  Time for fall!  I'm loving it. 

Madelyn's 1st Day

Theo's 1st Day

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