Both kids say funny things all the time.  Theo said a few things today that I want to'm writing it here :)

The trash man comes on Monday right in the middle of naptime - so frustrating.  Theo screams just about every time he comes because he's extremely loud.  Today, the same thing happened.  I went up to hold Theo until trash man passed.  While holding Theo, waiting for trash man, I said, "Theo, you smell like sweat".  (We played outside right before naptime.) He replied, "No mommy, I smell like rocks".  That you do buddy.  This boy loves his rocks.  The trash man was taking awhile coming around to our house so I asked, "Buddy, where is the trash man?"  Theo replied, "He's eating a taco" . A little while later I asked again, "Where is the trash man?".  He said, "Mommy, he went to church.".

All of this being said in his little toddler voice...with only one volume level.  Then he laughs and laughs at himself.  Such a funny kid.

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Rae Ann said...

Such a sweet BOY little Theo!! That trash man needs to find another time to come ��