Christmas Cookies


While Theo and Tim took gifts to the post office about a week ago, Madelyn and I made some Christmas cookies!  Her favorite part was eating the sprinkles and frosting.  Can't blame her.  She loves to help anywhere, but especially in the kitchen.  She'll grab her stool and stand right next to you.  Next year, baby boy will be right beside her.  Probably making a mess.  That kid.  Love him.

We also took the kids out to the mall one morning.  They love the new play place and seeing all the people.  Both are people watchers like us.  The Mariner Moose was there too!  

I'm not a fan of escalators so Tim is trying to get Madelyn used to them.  They rode up and down the one at Nordstrom and Sears several times.  Free entertainment.  


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