Bubba & Sissy


First off, thank you for all the emails, messages and comments from my last post.  That's what Tim and I wanted by putting it out there.  We'd like to wait until Madelyn and Theo are a little older so they understand what's going on and can be involved in the process with us.  But talking about it makes it more "real" and we really do want to hear stories from others.  So if you know of one or have one yourself and haven't spoken up...go for it!   

Second, here are some recent pictures of the babies.  I know they're not "babies" anymore, but they still are to me :)



Indie Grace said...

Maybe we can adopt at the same time so our babies grow up together!
Love my Bubba and Sissy.

Rae Ann said...

Love those babies! They will always be babies to us! Gigi and Pops