Mother's Day Pictures


Better late than never on my Mother's Day post!

We had our friend, Chuck, take some pictures of our family last Saturday morning.  The kids weren't very smiley in most pictures, but we got a few where they were at least looking at the camera.  Guess that's all you can expect from a 2 and almost 1 year old!  Madelyn wanted to play on the playground and it was Theo's nap time so he was a sleepy little boy.  

Here are a few...

After our picture fest, Tim and I headed to the Sounders soccer game with our friends Suzanne, Bill, Sabrina, Chuck, Michelle and Aaron.  It was a bright, sunny day at the soccer field. And the Sounders won!  

Sunday we headed to church in the morning, then came home for the kids nap time.  I sent Tim to Costco because he loves that store and I'm not a big fan.  Unless I'm just there to browse.  Which rarely happens these days.  I cleaned the house up a little while he was gone.  Then he went out and got us some Chinese for dinner.  It was a nice, relaxing Mother's Day.


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Rae Ann said...

Love the pictures!!!! They are all great :) You are the best mother ever!!! It looks like you had a wonderful Mothers Day. You deserve it.

Love you,
Mom and Dad