Madelyn: 19 Months


Big sissy,

You are growing by leaps and bounds and learning so very much!

-Still in size 18 month clothes and some 2T.  Also still in size 4 diaper.  You are getting long and losing some of the chub in your belly.

-You have 2 new back teeth coming in.  One finally poked through last week and another one is working it's way in.  Let's just say, it's been a FUN 2 weeks, ha!  

-Since your new teeth are coming in, you love for us to hold you for awhile before putting you down.  Which you're normally not very cuddly so we are enjoying the extra loviness.  Once you get to sleep, you do great during naps and at night.  Still taking 2 naps most days.  When we're out in the morning, you're fine without a morning nap.  When we're home, you are certainly ready for it.  Still go to bed pretty early around 7pm.  You sleep until we come and wake you up.  Typically 7:30am or 8am.

-Mommy's been teaching you to put your toys away.  Daddy was impressed last week when you did this.  Good job big girl!

-You are  a full time walker.  You love walking around this house!  And chasing the dogs!  Daisy will actually play with you, but so much.

-Eating great and you like to try Theo's baby food.  You also like helping mommy feed him.  You're starting to feed Dolly as well.  It's funny to watch.  You're also starting to feed yourself pretty well with a fork and spoon.  Still pretty messy, but you try!

-You went to your first pumpkin patch.  (Daddy's first pumpkin patch too!) 

-You consistently babble to yourself.  Except when people ask you to say something.  Then you're quiet as a mouse.  You just smile and look cute.

-Still loving your brother so much.  Mommy and Daddy put him in his "piano" toy and you love to show him what to do.  You'll put his hand on the keys to play a song.  And if he puts his thumb in his mouth, you yank it out!  So funny.

We love you beautiful girl.

Matching pink converse

At the gas station

Attempting to feed yourself

Playing soccer with Daisy

Reading to Theo

Daddy piled all your animals on top of you!

Eating pizza

Going home from the pumpkin patch

Taking pictures with mommy's phone

Pretty princess

Taking pictures with daddy's phone

At small group...looks like you 3 are ready to leave!

In your cupcake costume at playgroup

Playgroup!  Looks like you were sleepy!

Mom was attempting to take a pic with you and bubbs...all you wanted to do was cuddle

Messin' with Theo

19 Months!

-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

Oh my little princess you are SO cute!!!! Can't believe how big you are:) You are for sure the cutest grand-daughter ever

Love you bunches...Gigi and Pops