Madelyn: 18 Months


Madelyn Joy,

You are a year and 1/2!  Cannot believe it.

You are growing and learning so much.

-Weighing 24lbs 10oz and 30.5" tall

-Still in size 18 month clothes and some 2T.  Also still in size 4 diaper.

-Sleeping great during naps and at night.  Still taking 2 naps a day, but the morning one is getting shorter.  Only about an hour each day.  Your afternoon nap is a little later.  You normally sleep about 2 hours for this one.  Still go to bed pretty early around 7pm.  You sleep until we come and wake you up.  Typically 7:30am or 8am.

-Loving bath time and splashing everywhere.  Good thing daddy gives you a bath!

-You're great playing in your "playpen area".  You've started putting your books up on the couch and reading to yourself.  So cute.  You're pretty content in there for awhile.

-You have walked about 6 steps straight by yourself!!  Good job, sweetie!  You don't pay attention to where you're going so you walk on anything that's in your way.  At playgroup the other day, you would balance on anyone in, toys, parents, their cat.  Whatever.  It's fun to watch you develop this skill and have such a HUGE smile on your face when you do it.  We're proud of you, kid.

-Still eating like a champ.  You think it's so funny to drop food on the floor and watch the dogs scramble to get it.

-Mommy started back at work and you've done great (from what mommy's heard) with Miss Tamara and Grandma Izzy.  Such a good girl.

-You went to your first fair and loved it.  Especially the food and animals.

-No new words this month, but you do babble constantly.

-You love to stare and point at your brother.  You make lots of funny faces at him.  

Picking flowers

Morning milk with dad

Eating a yummy cookie

A leaf!

In mommy's jacket

Playing with "Dolly's" clothes (aka-your old preemie clothes!)

Where'd the doggies go?

In a very cute headband (that only stayed on about 5 min.)

Playing in the bath!

Is this mommy's cup?  Uh Oh (this is what happens on Fridays with daddy!)

Playing in the sprinkler...with all your clothes on

Look at my pretty dress =)

Sporting a ""top knot" and drinking water, your favorite


Looking at yourself in mommy's phone

Playing with Sadie outside

Fridays with dad!

 Happy 18th months!  We love you sooo much!

-Mommy and Daddy

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Rae Ann said...

We love our baby girl!!! Sweetest smile ever!!!! Cutest grand-daughter in the world:) our little princess!! Gigi and Pops