We are so very thankful for the many blessings God has brought into our life this year!  At the top of our list, our baby girl.  We are so in love with her.  Also for our new blessing to come next year.  And yes, we're still grateful for our puppy dogs.  They get along great with Madelyn, but do enjoy it when we put her down for a nap so they can cuddle with mom and dad.  I'm also extremely thankful for my husband.  He does more for our little family than I could ever ask for.  And he's a fantastic dad.  Will do ANYTHING for our baby girl and for me.  Love him.  We are also thankful and grateful for all our family and friends.  Near and far.

This Thanksgiving our friends, John and Tina, came over.  We had a wonderful time spending the day with them eating and playing games.  Here are a couple pictures Tim snapped...

Madelyn's first bite of turkey.  She really liked it.
Mom and MJ
Our dear friends, Tina and John
The doggies and Madelyn
Sadie and Daisy
Tina teaching Madelyn how to play Rummikub


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