Big Sister!


We found out this past Thursday, that Madelyn is going to be a big sister!

I haven't been feeling so great the past couple weeks.  I thought it was food poisoning or that I caught something, but low and behold....I'm pregnant again!  The baby is due on May 26th.  We're surprised, but very excited about the new life we get to bring into this world.

I'll keep the updates coming like last time around.



Rae Ann said...

We are VERY excited about the news of our 'little Madelyn' becoming a big sister!!! Can't wait:)

Love you all,
Gigi and Pops

Anonymous said...

Megan and Tim,

What great news about your new little one! Now MJ will have a sibling to play with and grow old together.

Coming from a family of 10 brothers and sister, I know and value the relationships I have with my brothers and sisters!

Friends come and go but family is forever!

Congratulations! Tina :)

Anonymous said...


Of course, when I say "friends come and go"....OBVIOUSLY, not YOU guys!

Tina :)