Happy Easter! (One day late)

Our family had a great Easter day!  Our services went really well yesterday morning.  We didn't do a full program this year, but it was definitely Christ-centered and focused on His resurrection.  My hubs does a great job with the music (yes, I might be biased), but I think he did an especially good job "blending" the music together yesterday.

Madelyn was sporting a new Easter dress yesterday.  She looked very adorable =)

This is right after I put it on her.  Cute huh?!? =)  And here's a family pic

Tim loves this one because it looks like she's conducting.  We ate lunch with some friends after church and then had a fellowship with our small group last night.  It was a busy, but great day!

And no worries, we're not neglecting our pups.  Here are a couple recent pictures of them.  I love my furry babies!!

Daisy on her favorite blankie
 Sades just chillin

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