Thanksgiving Day


This year for Thanksgiving we decided to stay home with the 2 of us...and 3 crazy dogs.  Some of our friends went out of town so we babysat their dog for the week.  Daisy and their dog, Buddy, absolutely loved hanging out together.  I think Sadie enjoyed having him there too because this meant Daisy wasn't pestering her like usual.

Tim and I fixed a turkey with all the sides that we like and just finished up the leftovers yesterday.  The turkey was yummy!  Since we were homebound for the day because of the snow, we watched the Macy's Parade, ate, watched a movie, ate, played some wii, then ate pie.  It was a nice, relaxing day for the 2 of us.  I am very thankful for my husband and the incredibly blessing he is in my life.


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