Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


I meant to post this several months ago....but that never seemed to happen....

For Christmas last year (2013), we gave family members, and some friend,s a creation Tim and I made.  It's a mason jar soap dispenser.  As always, these projects take me longer than I think they will.  But it turned out pretty cute.  Of course I didn't think about mailing these before I started the project.  Tim packaged all of them really well.  Thankfully they made them to all places in one piece.

 Here's how I did it:

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser
Mason jar (16 oz.)
Soap pump and collar (or take a soap pump from a plastic soap bottle)
Glue gun
Drill (to make a hole in the lid)
Transparency (and laser printer)
Soap or Lotion

Make Initial (or whatever you'd like on the jar) on a transparency.  Here's the template I used:

You can open the JPEG in publisher or any other picture program you use.  Then insert your initial in there
Once done, figure out what size it needs to be to fit the side of your jar 
Print it out on a transparency then cut to size
Drill a hole in the jar lid that fits the soap pump
Use a glue gun to glue the soap pump to the jar lid (make sure it's secure!)
Fill the jar with your soap or lotion of choice
Manuever the transparency so it's inside the mason jar on the side (I used a butter knife to push it to the side)
Secure the lid
And you're done!

*I got white soap pumps/collars, but I think black or silver would look good too!

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Indie Grace said...

Such a clever friend I have. You should sell these on Etsy. And, also, I love your blog background. Who did it? :-)