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Here we go...

My name is Megan, husband is Tim, kids are Madelyn (2) and Theo (1)

I was born in Little Rock, then moved to East Texas for 10 yrs, then Fort Smith, Arkansas for 8 yrs.  I went on to college at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, Missouri.  Graduated from there in 2006 with a degree in Music Education-vocal.  My husband and I now live in the Greater Seattle area. We've lived here for almost 7 years.

I stay at home with my kids 3 days a week and work at a private International Christian School for 2 days.  I also teach occasional music lessons-voice and piano.  I would love to teach lessons full time. 

I LOVE staying home with my kids.  I spend my days playing with legos and toys, singing and dancing, coloring, and watching some Daniel Tiger and Dora. It's way more work than going to my actual j.o.b.  I'm glad I don't have to miss out on too much of what's going on with them.  They grow too fast.

My husband is a worship pastor so weekend's are normally busy.  He has band practices and works on most Saturdays, and Sunday we have morning worship services and other church activities.  I love being a pastor's wife.  It definitely comes with it's challenges, but I wouldn't change it.

Tim and I got married in 2004 after dating through high school and college.  We met in elementary school.  I was friends with his sister.  After getting married, we both finished up college and lived in Bolivar,Missouri and then in Springfield, MO.

In 2007, we accepted a worship pastor position in Seattle and moved up here.  Away from everyone we know and love.  BUT we now have an additional family up here whom we love so very much.  We still miss our family very much, but get to see them in person occasionally and FaceTime/Skype a lot!

We got our first puppy, Sadie, the summer we moved here.  We then got another puppy (who is trouble!), Daisy, the Christmas of 2009.

Madelyn was born in 2011
She is very girly and into all things pretty.  She loves to talk and tell you everything she knows.  She likes to be very independent these days and always says "no need help, I do it".  She is such a JOY (her middle name :)  My new favorite phrases of her are "What you doing, mommy?" and of course "I love you, mommy".

Theo was born in 2012
Theo is my cuddly baby boy.  Since I laid eyes on him, he's been wrapped around my finger.  He is definitely all boy.  Loves to get into everything.  Throw things, knock stuff down, take toys from his sister and tease the dogs.  He loves to be close to you....and to suck his thumb.

My parents still in live in Ft. Smith and my brothers are in the Arkansas area as well.  Tim's parents now live down in Georgia and siblings are all over the country!

I'm doing what I've dreamed about, being a mom.  I absolutely love it.  As I mentioned above, I'd love to teach music lessons, piano and voice, full time.  Tim teaches drums and guitar.  We've thought about opening a music school or studio.  We both enjoy administration work/scheduling/organizing and would enjoy this aspect of it as well.  We'll see.  Maybe some day.

Tim started this blog when we moved up to Seattle in 2007.  After we were up here for about a year, I took over.  I love writing about our family, new recipes, what we're up to, etc.  It's fun to look back on as well. 

A few random facts...
As I mentioned, I have 2 brothers.  One is 3 years older than me, a doctor, married to a very sweet girl with one little boy.  My other brother is 3 years younger, auditor, loves to work on everything (cars, houses, you name it), so sweet and caring and extremely honest.

I love coffee and chocolate, exercising when I have the chance (running up and down the stairs a million times a day counts, right?), watching TV and movies, eating popcorn, reading blogs and relaxing by a beach...a warm beach :)

There ya have it!

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