I have a new addiction.  Pinterest.  If you haven't heard of this website, it has all sorts of crafts, recipes, "projects", etc. that you can learn.  I got started on this about a month or so ago. I'm not very crafty, but decided to try a few projects.  Here are some of the things I've made so far:

Kitchen Table decor-I'm going to put some tall candles in a couple of them instead of the flowers

On our bedroom door "T" for Tim and "M" for Megan

On Madelyn's door

On the front door

These are some meals/snacks I've made.  These are not pictures of mine...

Oatmeal/Banana smoothie

 Chicken Enchiladas-Madelyn loves these!
Cilantro chicken in crockpot
Eggplant Parmesan
Garlic Brussel Sprouts-and Yes, Tim ate them!
Kale Chips
Pizza Calzone
Ranch potatoes in crockpot
Homemade salsa
Sweet and Sour meatballs in crockpot
Pizza Casserole-made this tonight-yummy!
Thai peanut chicken in crockpot-Making this on Thursday

All of these food recipes have been very yummy.  My favorite has probably been the eggplant parmesan.  Which Tim ate as well; he said he just pretended like it was chicken.  His least favorite was the enchiladas because they have a lot of sour cream, but these were MJ's favorite.  Tim's favorite snack was the homemade salsa and meal was the cilantro chicken.  Good on tortillas and in a taco salad.

I have several craft projects I'd like to do for baby boys room such as making a mobile, canvas art and a magnetic ABC board for Madelyn's room.


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Rae Ann said...

:) good for you!!! Megan is 'crafty'...looks good. I know the food was great, you are a wonderful cook without Pinterest!

Mom (let me know the recipe for the oatmeal smoothie...Dad might like that)